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Hallucinogenic Plants - A Golden Guide free pdf ebook

“Hallucinogenic Plants was a part of a series of books and field guides published in the seventies under the name Golden Guides. Hallucinogenic plants was written by Richard Evans Schultes – a founder of modern ethnobotany. The book is a good intro to psychedelics that has been much further explored since it was published, but I have chosen to post it here because of it’s usability, rich illustrations (by Elmer W. Smith) and the fact that Richard Evans Schultes wrote it.”

Psychedelic Shamanism download Free PDF Ebook

“Shamanism goes far beyond a primarily self-concerned transcendence of ordinary reality. It is transcendence for a broader purpose, the helping of humankind. The enlightenment of shamanism is the ability to light up what others perceive as darkness, and thereby to see and to journey on behalf of a humanity that is perilously close to losing its spiritual connectedness with all its relatives, the plants and animals of this good Earth.  We are tearing the earth to pieces, we are spewing out toxins – and the entire planet is reacting. Psychedelics are going to play a major role in helping people to become aware of what is really happening.”