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“When I was under the influence of Cannabis, I began to question my government. I questioned its legitimacy, its authority, and its control over our daily lives. I then knew why Cannabis is illegal. It wakes people up.” – Author Unknown

The following is a video that was sent to us by a member of Anonymous. We sincerely hope that you take the time to view it…

Richardson4/20 is a blog based out of Richardson, Texas.  We reject the idea that cannabis and other entheogens are a ‘growing problem’; these have been used for thousands of years for various reasons, including expanding your spiritual horizons.  The modern-day governments of the world, however, are opposed to this.  They know that once you begin using these, the blindfolds come off.  Everything that was once not clear, becomes clear.  As is stated in Richardson4/20’s credo:

Cannabis, along with other entheogens, frees your mind. It is not to be confused with other, man-made ‘drugs’, that cloud your mind and keep you imprisoned within your own consciousness. The reason that the New World Order hates cannabis and these other entheogens is because they awaken your mind to the truth. You begin to see that things are wrong, that everything around you is in fact a lie, that in fact your ‘reality’ is something that the governments of the world create for you. The Rastafari movement is onto something when they say that cannabis can save you from the modern-day Babylon…

The ‘Straight Edge’, ‘Above the Influence’, etc. movements have good intentions, but unfortunately are very, very misguided. They claim that cannabis and other entheogens are ‘drugs’, when in fact they bear very little resemblence to REAL drugs, such as cocaine, heroin, most perscription drugs, etc.  Entheogens, which are natural substances are not drugs, by any means.  It’s sad that more people do not understand this.

Humanity has become detached from our spiritual roots.  Isn’t it time that we become reunited with them?