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Richardson4/20 is, as our shorter description says, a blog about Cannabis, Spirituality, Conspiracies, and Dubstep.  Our official Credo states:

Cannabis, along with other entheogens, frees your mind. It is not to be confused with other, man-made ‘drugs’, that cloud your mind and keep you imprisoned within your own consciousness. The reason that the New World Order hates cannabis and these other entheogens is because they awaken your mind to the truth. You begin to see that things are wrong, that everything around you is in fact a lie, that in fact your ‘reality’ is something that the governments of the world create for you. The Rastafari movement is onto something when they say that cannabis can save you from the modern-day Babylon…

Richardson4/20 advocates Cannabis awareness and Entheogenic Spirituality, but we focus on other topics as well.  We focus on Conspiracy Theories (in a non-political way), the Unknown, UFOs & Extraterrestrial encounters, Cryptids & Cryptozoology, Alternative History, and, of course, Dubstep.  A semi-personal blog, Richardson4/20 is used as a blog dedicated to, and used for, educational purposes.  We hope you enjoy this blog, even though there isn’t much here at the moment.

Disclaimer: Richardson4/20 does not endorse breaking the law and ‘doing drugs’.  This blog is not advocating breakng the law, it is used purely for educational purposes.  We are not responsible for anybody associated with us who happen(s) to get busted.

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